About Clip Tori

What is Clip Tori?

Clip Tori is a project for collecting embedable anime videos from all over the internet and organizing them. The main goal is to help anime enthusiasts to easily find videos of their favorite moments. To this end we categorise videos and link them to their respectful animes while including the characters that are within the videos.

Where does Clip Tori get it's videos?

Although we use some automated scripts to collect some of the videos that are displayed within the website, users can also upload videos from websites such as YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo etc. We also moderate each and every uploaded video to either add more information or prevent unrelated videos from entering the website.

How does Clip Tori work?

We use different public APIs to get the datas that are required for this website. Then we use these datas to create relational databases that combine different API datas with each other. Finally we display this organized data in our website for our users. Some of these datas are anime and character titles, names, images, video urls, ids, thumbnails, view counts etc.

Here are some of the public APIs we use: